Community Building Partnership

Applications for the 2016 program are now closed!

Applications for the 2016 Community Building Partnership program closed at 5:00pm on Friday 22 July 2016. Late submissions are not accepted.

Applications will be assessed on merit against the project criteria.

Please check the 2016 timetable for further information regarding the 2016 program schedule.

Successful projects are expected to be announced in December 2016

How are applications assessed?

Grants applications will be assessed competitively on merit against the Project Assessment Criteria with other projects in the State electoral district.

What has been funded previously?

Click here to view information on previous grants.

Important Notice – outstanding grant payments

Please note that due to recent changes to the CBP program, we may withhold the payment of unpaid grant funds if your organisation has any outstanding or incomplete projects from previous CBP funding rounds. If you are unable to complete previous projects due to circumstances outside of your control, please advise the CBP team of the project details and status in writing so that an exemption can be considered.

If your projects funded in earlier funding rounds are not yet acquitted and closed, but have been completed, please ensure that you have provided a Completion Report and Acquittal Statement with supporting evidence to the CBP program.

Should you require further information please contact the Community Building Partnership team at:

What Evidence is required for Grant Acquittals?

It is mandatory for all grant recipients to sign and submit a Completion Report and Acquittal Statement. In addition, recipients are required to provide additional evidence showing completion of works and/or showing expenditure of the grant funds. Please refer to Project Reporting & Closures for acquittal and progress reporting for your project which is based on the year of your grant